Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Wintergreen

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    Gaultheria procumbens

    Related to blueberries, wintergreen is a common flavoring agent for mouthwash, gum, toothpaste and candy.  Wintergreen makes an excellent tea.  It came by its name by virtue of its green leaves during the winter. Used as a ground cover, wintergreen grows to 6" high.

    Growing information: Wintergreen is very slow to germinate (2-3 months) and requires stratification.  Soak seeds overnight, then place in a plastic bag with a paper towel.  Do not allow the seeds to dry out.  Check back often. When they start to germinate, carefully sow in small pots about 1/8" deep.  Keep indoors and maintain constant moisture until the seedlings emerge then cut back on the watering, but don't let the soil dry out.  Transplant outdoors 12-16" apart in a location with partial shade after the last frost. 

    Min qty/packet: 40 seeds