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  • Wild Bergamot

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    Monarda fistulosa

    Also known as bee balm, wild bergamot is a member of the mint family native to North America.  This perennial (zones 3-9) spreads through creeping rhizomes and grow up to 4' tall with pink to lavender flowers that flower from mid to late summer.   A favorite of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

    Growing information:  Direct sow seeds in an area with full sun in average, well-drained soil, about 1/4" deep and 8-12" apart after the threat of frost has passed.  Alternately, start them indoors about 6 weeks before the last frost, and transplant outdoors after hardening off.  Keep moist until seedlings emerge.  Fertilize with a balanced mixture 10-10-10.  Add mulch around the base of the plants to conserve moisture. Remove spent flowers to promote continued blooms.   Cut the plants back to several inches above the soil line at the end of the season to promote more flowers next year.  Divide every 2 or 3 years when they become crowded.

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