Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds

Saint Johns Wort


Hypericum perforatum

Plant information: St. Johns Wort is found throughout North America, Europe and Africa.  It is believed to have been named because of it blooming around the birth date of John the Baptist, June 24th.  The dried flowers are used in teas as well as tinctures.  Grows 1-3' high with delicate yellow flowers.  A perennial between zones 5-9.

Growing information: Very tolerant of many soil types, Saint Johns wort prefers partial shade.  Pick a location with good early morning sun and a little shade during the hottest part of the day.  Sow seeds on well-prepared soil, but do not cover; they do better when exposed to light. Keep moist until seedlings emerge, but do not overwater.  Alternately, start the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost and transplant after hardening off.  Thin out the seedlings to about 12-18" spacking when they're about 2" high.  Plants can be divided every 2-3 years and cuttings can be used to propagate.

Min qty/packet: 100 seeds