Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • PA Dutch Popcorn - Organic


    Zea mays

    Min Qty: 100 Seeds

    Description:  Pre-1885 Dutch heirloom.  Delicious popcorn from 8' plants that support two ears per stalk.  26-28 rows per ear of creamy white kernals that taste so good, you may decide to skip the butter!

    Planting Instructions:   102 days.  Direct sow in fertile soil in a location that gets full sunlight when soil temps are at least 60F. Alternately, start indoors and transplant when 3-6" high.  In order to improve pollination, it is better to plant corn in blocks rather than in long individual rows.  Corn is a heavy feeder, so amending soil before planting is beneficial.  Sow 2 or 3 seeds in holes 1-2" deep  with holes 12-15" apart.  Thin seedlings to a single, strong sprout.  Good companion for pole beans and squash.  Start corn 2-3 weeks before beans and squash.  Corn is a heavy feeder and benefits from a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and frequent watering.