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Leonurus cardiac

Originally from Eurasia and a member of the mint family, motherwort got its name from its use by midwives.  The biennial plant can grow up to 5' tall with pink to purple flowers which bloom from midsummer to early fall.  This plant can become invasive, so choose your location carefully or consider container gardening.

Growing information: Motherwort grows well in many conditions and soil types.  Seeds need to be stratified for several weeks before sowing by soaking them overnight then placing them in a plastic bag with equal amounts of sand and peat and keeping them in the refrigerator.  Alternately, sow the seeds in the fall.  Scatter the seeds on prepared soil and cover with 1/4" of soil.  Thin plants to about 1' apart.  Seeds can be started indoors several weeks before the last frost and transplanted after hardening off. Cut the plant down to several inches above the soil level after the flowers bloom but before seeds form to limit spreading.  Cuttings can be used to propagate.

Min qty/packet: 100 seeds