Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Epazote


    Dysphania abrosioides

    Also known as Jesuit's tea and wormseed, epazaote is native to Central and South America, and was prized by the Aztecs. The dried leaves are commonly used as a seasoning in Latin American cuisine.  It is also added to herbal teas. Epazote is an annual plant, growing to about 4' tall, it has a very distinctive smell and produces small, green flowers.

    Growing information: Start seeds in a cold frame in early spring or indoors several weeks before the last frost.  Seeds germinate in about 7 days.  Transplant outdoors after the last frost in full sun in moderately fertile soil.  Harvest by cutting the center stem first to encourage bushing. Prune the plant frequently to prevent flowering and going to seed.  The plants can self-sow and become invasive.

    Min qty/packet: 200 seeds