Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Caraway


    Carum carvi

    Min Qty: 1 g

    Description: Delicate biennial native to Europe and Western Asia grown primarily for its seeds which are used in soups, breads, sauerkraut and stews, but the entire plant is edible. Gives rye bread its distinctive flavor. Grows to 2' high with delicate leaves. First year plants grow to 8-12". In the second year, plants grow 2-3' topped with pink or white flowers which result in deep brown seeds.

    Planting Instructions: Direct seed outdoors after the danger of frost has passed in well-worked soil and rake in. Choose a location with good drainage and full sun. Keep evenly moist until seedlings emerge. Thin plants to 6-8" apart when they are 2-3" high. Irrigate during growing season, especially in the first year. Cut the plant back in the fall and it will grow back in the spring. Harvest the seeds when they start to turn brown and place them in an open paper bag for several days to dry. Separate seeds from umbels by rubbing between your hands. Store seeds in a cool, dry location. Pull up roots and use them as you would any root crop.