Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Purple Top White Globe Turnip


    Brassica rapa

    Min Qty: 4 g

    Description:  1881 Heirloom and still a popular variety with purple tops and white bodies that can grow to 6" diameter.  Mild and sweet, can be planted all season, but prefers cooler fall temps. Tasty greens.  Roots store well.

    Planting Instructions:   55 days.  Soak seeds overnight before planting to improve germination.  Sow seeds directly into well-prepared soil as soon as it can be worked, 1/4" deep.  When seedlings are 3-4" high, then them to 4-6".  Keep soil evenly moist during growing season to improve flavor and texture.  For a fall harvest for storage, start seeds by mid-summer.