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Mentha pulegium

Not to be confused with its American cousin, Hedioma pulegiodes, an annual, European pennyroyal is a perennial (zones 6-9) and a member of the mint family which was used by the Greeks and Romans to flavor wine.  Today, its more commonly used as a deterrant for fleas and other unwanted insects.  Pennyroyal is a low growing plant, less than 1' high that spreads and may become invasive.

Pennyroyal should never be handled or ingested by a pregnant woman.

Growing information:  Will tolerate many soil types, but prefers moist soils. Can tolerate full sun or partial shade.  Start seeds in a cold frame in late spring, or direct seed after danger of frost has passed.  Sow seeds 6" apart in rows 12" apart.  Seeds need light to germinate, so don't cover!  Keep them moist; sprouts should emerge in about 2 weeks. Pinch the ends to promote branching.  Divide the plants every 2-3 years. 

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