Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Painted Mountain Dry Corn OG


    Zea mays

    Min Qty: 100 Seeds

    Description: Smaller stalks grow to 5' and yield thin 6-7" cobs, with kernals containing all the colors of the corn spectrum. Hardiest, fastest maturing corn in the world, grows where no other corn can. Developed by Dave Christensen in the mountains of Montana.

    Planting Instructions: 85 days. Direct sow in fertile soil in a location that gets full sunlight when soil temps are at least 60F. Alternately, start indoors and transplant when 3-6" high. In order to improve pollination, it is better to plant corn in blocks rather than in long individual rows. Corn is a heavy feeder, so amending soil before planting is beneficial. Sow 2 or 3 seeds in holes 1-2" deep with holes 12-15" apart. Thin seedlings to a single, strong sprout. Good companion for pole beans and squash. Start corn 2-3 weeks before beans and squash. Corn is a heavy feeder and benefits from a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and frequent watering.