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Althaea officinalis

Marshmallow root is a perennial native to Asia and Europe.  It has been naturalized in North America where it is often used as an ornamental.  The root has a very long history of use as a food and as a medicinal herb dating back at least to the Ancient Greeks.  Grows to 36" tall with pink flowers that bloom from mid to late summer.  Perennial zones 3-9.

Growing information: Marshmallow prefers partial shade, but will grow in full shade to full sun.  Direct sow in late summer to early fall in a location with rich, loamy, moist soil.  Alternately, cold stratify seeds for several weeks before sowing in spring by soaking overnight and storing in a plastic bag with equal parts sand and peat in the refrigerator.  Then start seeds indoors and transplant outside after hardening off in mid to late spring.   Germination typically takes 14-21 days.  Plants should be thinned to about 12" apart.  Plants begin to flower in the second year.

Min qty/packet: 30 seeds