Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean


    Phaseolus vulgaris

    Min Qty: 60 Seeds

    Description: 1864 Heirloom, also known as Old Homestead and Texas Pole. Very reliable, abundant crops of 7-10" stringless pods. Does well on fences or poles, reaching 4-5'. Great fresh, steamed, frozen, pickled or canned.

    Planting Instructions: 70 days. Requires a trellis or fence, or combine with corn and squash or pumpkins for a 3 sisters garden. Plant seeds 1-1/2" deep 2-3" apart in well-drained soil after the danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. Does not tolerate frost. Plant in a sunny location in rows 18-36" apart or around a trellis or support. Thin seedlings to 4-6". Frequent harvests increases production and keeps plants growing vigorously.