Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin


    Cucurbita pepo

    Min Qty: 30 seeds

    Description:  Open-pollinated, tiny ornamental pumpkins that kids love.  Smaller plants need less space, the fruit is edible, and is tasty stuffed. Long-lasting fruit.

    Planting Instructions:   100 days. Sow seeds 1" deep, in loose, rich soil after danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed.  If you are planting in rows, plant seeds 4-6" apart in rows 6' apart.  If you are planting in hills, plant 3-4 seeds in a ring around the top of the hill, spacing your hills about 3' apart.  You can start seeds indoors 2-3 weeks before the last frost and transplant outside after hardening off.  Plant with corn and pole beans, about 2 weeks after the corn is sown.   Pumpkins are generally heavy feeders, so fertilize as they grow to improve your harvest.