Heirloom and Open-pollinated seeds
  • Chocolate Cosmos


    Cosmos astrosanguineas

    Native of Mexico, now extinct in the wild.  Treat as an annual, except in zones 7-10. Grows 12-36" high with dark reddish-brown flowers that smell like chocolate!  Excellent choice for container gardening.

    Growing information: Direct seed after danger of last frost in a location that receives full sun.  The soil should have good drainage.  Sow seeds about 8-12" apart and 1/4" deep.  Seedlings emerge in about 10 days.  Don't overwater!  Let the soil dry out between waterings.  Pinch off dead flowers to encourage new growth.  Containers can be brought inside to overwinter.  To propagate, dig up their tuberous roots and store over winter in a cool, dry location.  For perennial locations, dig up the plants every few years to divide them.

    Min qty/packet: 15 seeds