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American Licorice

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Glycyrrhiza lepidota

Native to most of North America, also known as wild licorice. Prefers moist, sandy soil. Grows 18-36" tall. Produces small clusters of white flowers in the spring which ripen into seed pods in the fall.  The roots are used for medicinal purposes and as food and to flavor tobacco. Perennial down to zone 3.

Growing information:  Seeds should be scarified then soaked for 24 hours.  To scarify, file down the outer coating.  Sow seeds directly into deep, well-prepared soil about 1/8" deep in a location with full sun.  Germination is spotty, but starts in about 1-2 weeks, and continues out to 6-8 weeks. Thin plants to about 2' each and keep evenly watered, but do not overwater.  Harvest of the roots can begin in 3-4 years.  Plants can be divided to propagate in the spring or fall.

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